GTA 6 Release Date: What We Know So Far & Rumors

According to Tez 2, a prominent Rockstar Games insider, there are plans to release GTA VI between late

Grand Theft Auto VI: There aren’t many video games out there today that can command the level of hype like the GTA series can. Ever since their first game was released, they have dominated the gaming industry and constantly smashed new record sales whenever their games come out. Very few game franchises can claim to have even half of the success that the GTA series has had. Their last game GTA V released to critical and commercial acclaim and instantly set record sales.

As of now, there is no official information about GTA VI, so we all have to find and put in small scraps of possibilities to get the bigger picture.

When is the GTA 6 coming out?

  • According to Tez 2, a prominent Rockstar Games insider, there are plans to release GTA VI between late 2023 and early 2024. Gaming publishers often fail to release a new game on a scheduled date. So there is a chance Rockstar is planning to release GTA VI by the end of 2023 and is managing to secure a release for it by mid-2024. Based on the claims made by Tex 2, one should expect GTA VI to be released sometime in 2024.
  • Leaker Tom Henderson has a slightly different take on the release strategy adopted by Rockstar Games for GTA VI. According to Henderson, fans shouldn’t expect the game to be launched before 2025. While that would be quite a long wait, Henderson is quite confident that GTA VI wouldn’t see the light of day before 2025.

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It was earlier reported that E3 2020 will be the most probable venue for Rockstar to be discussing its upcoming title. Throughout the years, the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) has been a gaming venue for game developers and publishers to reveal their big launches. For an undisclosed reason, Microsoft broke the norm and announced its next console, the Xbox Series X in the month of December, much earlier than expected.

The chain of unconventional moves continued because E3 2020 was officially canceled due to a pandemic situation worldwide. That removed the possibility of GTA 6 getting an official poster, teaser trailer, or any rumor related to its release date. Even if Rockstar or Take-Two had some plans to make a grand reveal, they couldn’t do so because it wouldn’t help. There is also no point in revealing one of the most popular titles in the world during a time when gamers may or may not want a glimpse but would rather expect solid updates.

GTA 6 Release Date

Neither the release date nor the release window has been officially confirmed for GTA VI by Rockstar Games. That, of course, hasn’t stopped fans from speculating about when the game will be ready for release. Many industry experts and leakers have, at different points, made predictions about the release date of GTA VI. There have been instances when the release date asserted by a particular leaker has not matched the release window predicted by an industry insider.

According to Tez 2, a prominent Rockstar Games insider, there are plans to release GTA VI between late 2023 and early 2024. Gaming publishers often fail to release a new game on a scheduled date. So there is a chance Rockstar is planning to release GTA VI by the end of 2023 and is managing to secure a release for it by mid-2024. Based on the claims made by Tex 2, one should expect GTA VI to be released sometime in 2024.

Leaker Tom Henderson has a slightly different take on the release strategy adopted by Rockstar Games for GTA VI. According to Henderson, fans shouldn’t expect the game to be launched before 2025. While that would be quite a long wait, Henderson is quite confident that GTA VI wouldn’t see the light of day before 2025.

During a shareholder meeting conducted last year, Rockstar Games’ parent company Take-Two Interactive shared that the company is working on developing multiple games. Based on this statement, one can assume that the very busy developing team at Rockstar Games would take a while to finish work on GTA VI. 

GTA 6 Rumors & Features

Features in all New Games (Confirmed)

Quick Resume in an Open World Environment

With the power of NVMe SSDs and powerful graphic cards, Microsoft demonstrated how quickly they would resume work in any game on their console. While Rockstar is yet to openly talk about these futuristic add-ons that would make their title more immersive and easier to get access to, we can be assured that they will be available in GTA 6 and definitely appreciated by gamers.

One of the most common complaints about GTA 5 is that the game often takes forever to load on PS4, Xbox One, and PCs. If you let it load and grab a coffee, the game might probably load another whole minute after you have completed your coffee. That’s how painfully slow the previous game was but it is great to know it won’t be the case with this future title. Microsoft and Sony confirmed that they have sent technical details to major game developers so that they could implement a quick resume in all their titles.

The demo video on YouTube showcases how quickly you can get in and out of the game. There is no need to load it every time because you can keep multiple games running in the background and ready to play whenever you are in the mood. It should also help improve and eradicate the concept of loading inside the map, especially when textures take forever to load while you are moving in a car or a boat. Everything is taken care of in future gaming consoles and PCs which are often ahead of hardware specifications, and should be able to handle it as well.

GTA V has officially made more money than the movie has made in the entire world and that is no small feat, considering the huge gap in audience size between both of them. While gaming has come a long way from being accepted as a viable and serious activity, it cannot hold a candle to the sheer number of people who go out to watch movies. Yet GTA V made a staggering $6 billion in sales by selling over 90 million units. Though the game was released in 2013, it is still active with hundreds of thousands of players playing every day.

GTA6 Release Date

Therefore it is no surprise that millions of fans all over the world would start frothing in their mouth after hearing that GTA VI is on its way. In many ways, Rockstar Games is more secretive about its upcoming projects than most companies. It’s extremely rare to find a real leak about their games. But, because we are huge fans, we have scrounged the internet in search of all the rumors, leaks and news about the highly anticipated sequel so that you have a one-way stop to update yourself with the latest information.

Given below is everything we know about GTA VI!


Release Date Rumors

As has always been the case, Twitter and Reddit are some of the most common sources of GTA 6 release date rumors. The last game in the series, GTA 5, got launched in 2013 on the aging PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles. It sounded like an impossible feat, but Rockstar made it possible and released the game on age-old consoles before bringing it to PS4 and Xbox One. It took two more years before it finally landed on PC.

This year, there were reports about the first trailer of GTA 6 releasing in May. It all started when an influencer named Krypto9095 replaced his YouTube header with a picture that had GTA 6’s logo in it. He went ahead and shared a brief clip on Twitter that offered one a glimpse of the official logo of Rockstar Games. The clip carried the caption “GTA 6 is coming #GTA6”.

While many fans were hopeful about the first GTA 6 trailer to be released in May, that didn’t quite happen. Around the same time, the screenshot of an unpublished video, which was titled “Grand Theft Auto VI – Trailer”, started doing the rounds. This unpublished video was supposed to be on Rockstar Games’ official YouTube channel. However, there was one particular thing that gave away the fact that it was a fake screenshot. In the trailer, one of the frames featured an M rating. While one does expect GTA 6 to be given a mature rating, games receive a rating only when they are very close to their release date. 

Female Lead and Multiple Characters

A nearly confirmed rumor is that GTA 6 will have a female lead. Throughout the series, it has never focused on having a woman join a gangster squad and shooting the hell out of everyone who tries to stop her from doing missions. The game also often caters to testosterone-filled men who love running over hookers in their car and banging girls using the hot coffee mod, but a female lead would bring in a whole new game.

The girl will most probably have to be part of the gang, earn money and have her own storyline, but it may also lead to lots of different kinds of missions because of the gender change. There will be more people as part of the storyline, including other men, as it was with GTA 5 which followed the lives of three different male leads.

Seamless Gameplay on All Platforms

Going by the recent announcements made by Google and Microsoft, GTA 6 is one of the many AAA titles that will benefit from multi-platform gameplay through streaming. While Rockstar is not going to make official announcements on it immediately, the bigger companies are the ones who get to decide how gaming can evolve in the coming years.

By the time the game gets released, even if it doesn’t get released on PC immediately, players will still be able to enjoy the game by streaming it from their Xbox console or Google cloud streaming. It will be a completely new experience because you will be able to experience the best graphics even on a smartphone with a Bluetooth controller, to the game on the go.

GTA6 Gameplay

GTA VI May Show the World of Cops

If there was one thing the world of Grand Theft Auto never explored, it would be the option to play as a cop and take down the criminal. While it is confirmed that the story arc will have at least three different characters similar to GTA V, it wouldn’t be surprising if one of them is a cop.

Viewing the crime-ridden world from a cop’s perspective would be completely different. Besides, when you play as one, you may also have to take down criminals and go behind fast cars or heist chases. The storyline will be pretty interesting because if these characters are friends or enemies, they will probably be on two different sides of the law and have to confront each other, repeatedly, throughout the course of the storyline.

Set in South America, Possibly Brazil

In the land of Brazil, the drug trade is rampant and it is one of the unique maps that players might be able to experience GTA VI in. Many of the women who head the house in the region get involved in the drug trade, which also paves the way for game developers to come up with storylines that involve female leads.

GTA6 South America

Rockstar would definitely want to live up to the hype because GTA 5 was released way back in 2013 and in the massive gap between that game and the next would have brought in a lot of young gamers into the territory. Those who have never played the GTA franchise might be trying it for the first time and when they do so, the developers are supposed to cope with the hype it has created over the past two decades.

Multiplayer on the Go

While the single-player campaign will once again be the most prominent focus of GTA VI, the game will have a huge focus on multiplayer. Developers can now allow dozens of players onboard to play the game from mobile phones through streaming, and when they do so, it could create a massive underworld with lots of different characters.

Ever since the World of Warcraft days, such an interactive and seamless multiplayer experience with massive maps or player count wasn’t witnessed, but GTA 6 has all the potential to become the first game. Considering how huge of a map the game developers at Rockstar would create, it wouldn’t hurt to speculate that they will have enough space for players to get onboard on their 5G phones and do lots of tasks together, like a more improved and polished version of GTA Online, which had a good run for more than 5 years now.

GTA 6 News, Leaks and Rumors

Grand theft auto 6 the know pic

GTA 6 July 2018 (Rumor-Debunked)

Tears rolled down several cheeks this month when a rumor started going around that a message regarding the reveal of GTA VI has started popping up in GTA Online (PC). It made a lot of fans believe that GTA 6 might hit the store by 2019. On GTA online forums, many players started sharing their theories on why GTA 6’s release won’t be delayed any further. Many of these players stated that they saw a number of message pop-ups in quick succession. However, it was soon discovered that these pop-up messages were a result of a notorious hacker manipulating the messaging system of the Rockstar Social Club.

The first tears that rolled were that of happiness and excitement, but all that changed to sheer sadness and disappointment when Rockstar made an official statement on Twitter debunking the claim. In their statement, they said that this alleged message was nothing but a hoax made by a Modder.

Grand theft auto 6 Tweet

The Much Talked About Instagram Rumor

A while back, an Instagram post from an individual employee sparked off fresh rumors about the setting of the game. The much-discussed post was by Tony Mesones who works as a music supervisor and soundtrack manager with Rockstar Games. Mesones has been associated with the company for around ten years and has scored the music for many of the games developed by it including Red Dead Redemption and GTA V.

The aforementioned post by Mesones featured South Beach in Miami. The image, which was captioned “who said it would be cold???”, garnered a lot of attention as soon as it was dropped on the site. Since one had already come across reports stating that certain portions of GTA 6 will be set in Vice City, a large number of fans jumped to the conclusion that Mesones was trying to confirm this through the picture.

Vice City, for the uninitiated, is a fictional city that is largely modeled on Miami. The reason behind fans believing it to be a cryptic post was the fact that Mesones had tagged Rockstar Games in it. While the post created quite a stir in the online GTA community, many social users stated that fans are overthinking and this might just be a regular holiday picture. As far as Mesones tagging Rockstar is concerned, they believe he did so as he was, presumably, on a work trip.

What We Think about Grand Theft Auto VI

As of now, there is no official information about GTA VI and so all of us have to find and put the small scraps of possibilities to get the bigger picture. By taking the various rumors and speculations, we have created a list of what might be coming with the game. Here are all of them.

Timeline and the Map

Until now, Rockstar games have always had distinct timelines for their gaming world. Grand theft Auto gave us Liberty City of the late ’90s, Grand Theft Auto 2 took place in an unspecified time (speculated to be the early 2000’s) in “Anywhere, USA, Grand Theft Auto 3 featured Liberty City layered with what looked like the 90’s mafia world, GTA: Vice City took place in the ’80s, GTA: San Andreas in the early ’90s, GTA IV in the late 2000s and GTA V in the current time.

However, when you look at the themes and stylistic atmosphere that they usually opt for, it’s hard not to notice their love for everything retro. All of their games have a certain charm that reminds us of the ’80s and early ’90s. Since their last game took place recently, there is a real good possibility that GTA VI might be based in the glorious ’80s. Either that or they might keep a current timeline and introduce their story in a different country altogether. Until now, they have built an entire American world filled with cities and their own history. They might take us to Europe in the next one.

Grand theft auto 6 all cities

As for the map, it’s easy to assume that we will be getting a map that is significantly larger than anything we have ever seen. So far, the maps have been limited to a single city and the regions near about. Perhaps the new map will be large enough to fit 2, or 3 states.

The City and the Theme

If we are assuming that the timeline will be the 80s for the new game, then it’s very likely that the city we will be seeing is Vice City. The first three GTA games featured Liberty City, Vice City, and San Andreas while the last two games used Liberty City and San Andreas. With GTA VI featuring Vice City, they will have to come full circle. Moreover, Vice City would be perfect for what we assume the theme will be.

Grand theft auto city theme

There’s not going to be any doubt that GTA VI will also have the same criminal/mafia roots in its theme. After all, it’s in their name. But how do you rehash the same theme and make it interesting? You can do that by exploring various different aspects of the same theme. Vice City was more about the traditional mafia, San Andreas was about growing up in the streets where gangsters ruled and GTA IV showed us the ruthless new age mafia. Perhaps the path of the future is going back in time.

The ’80s were ripe for drug wars and a new breed of mafia spreading over the U.S. Instead of the traditional Italian-American mafia, what if we explore the South American cartels as they are somewhat unchartered territory for the GTA franchise? This would also give them the opportunity to create a larger map, a living breathing expansive world, and different cultures to play with. Given Rockstar’s ambitions, it’s not that hard to conceive that GTA VI will feature a world unlike any we have seen so far.

Female Protagonist

Although “The Know” pointed to this in their video, there are more reasons why GTA VI might feature a female protagonist along with the male ones. Until now, the game franchise has always featured men as their main characters and females have always been either minor side characters or hookers. In an interview with The Guardian, Dan Houser, who co-founded Rockstar Games, spoke about how they won’t be making a female main character just because of the status quo and that they are very open about doing so when they have the right idea to do it. This is very refreshing to hear as most companies just pander to their audiences and make uninspired content.

Grand theft auto 6 Female Protagonist

Another reason why they could have a female protagonist is based on the speculation that the map might feature South America and the drug trade. In South America, there are several places that follow the matriarchy where the woman is the head of the household. Having a gray but strong female character as a drug lord or someone climbing up the power ranks would be very cool.

Playing As a Cop

With GTA V we were given the ability to play multiple main characters and their story arcs. For GTA VI they would need something better to meet their fan’s expectations. One way they could do this is by giving the players the opportunity to play either as a criminal or as a cop. Choosing between two stark perspectives and the places where they overlap would be extremely cool and unlike anything we have experienced in previous games. There isn’t any rumor or leak that points to this but it might be something that Rockstar games have decided to try.

GTA 6 cop

High-Quality Graphics

Whenever a new GTA game is on the anvil, gamers feel quite excited about the kind of graphics it will offer. According to journalist Chris Klippel, who is known to be a reliable Rockstar Games insider, the engine that is being employed to put together GTA 6 is extremely advanced and much more powerful than most engines out there.

Klippel has asserted that Rockstar Games is using an upgraded version of the graphics engine that it had until recently to develop GTA 6. According to him, the engine was tested multiple times by the team and everybody is quite happy with its overall functionality. The developing team’s objective, as per Klippel, was to create an engine that would be better than the Unreal Engine which was known to deliver robust performance.

Next-Gen Visual Effects

A while back, a job listing was put up on Rockstar Games’ official website. The job listing gave one an indication that the developer wishes to have advanced, next-gen visual effects in the game that would take the gamers by surprise. According to the listing, Rockstar Games’ office in New England was looking for a VFX Artist who could contribute towards bringing “extra life” to characters, environment, vehicles, weapons, and several other elements.

The listing didn’t state the company wanted to hire VFX professionals for GTA 6. However, since much of Rockstar’s energy is invested in developing GTA 6 at the moment, one is quite sure about the fact that they were recruiting for GTA 6. Since it will be a while before GTA 6 sees the light of day, Rockstar wants to ensure that whenever the game releases, it looks fresh and the visuals set the bar high for other games.

Using the Past to Predict the Future

In the above section, we discussed what we think would come in GTA VI based on the rumors floating around on the internet. Let’s now look at what might be possible in the sequel. Every gaming company uses its games to refine and innovate new ways of enhancing the player experience. Features released in one game will be further refined and made better for the next game and so on. The last game released by Rockstar games was Red Dead Redemption 2 and if we sift through the various innovative features and mechanics present in it, we can predict what we might see in GTA VI.

An Actual Living Breathing World

RDR 2 featured an expansive world where character interaction and behavior were taken to a whole new level. The AI characters in RDR 2 had schedules, relationships, and their own paths. In previous open-world games, such characters would normally spawn only when your playable character gets nearer to them. In RDR 2, the AI had their own lives and went about doing their thing whether you were with them or not. The characters also reacted differently to different situations and some even had different personalities from submissive to overtly aggressive.


There really shouldn’t be any doubt as to whether Rockstar games will be implementing a similar or better world for GTA VI. We could state as a fact that they would do it. They already have the technology.  All they have to do is refine it and push its limits to give us an even more realistic world to play in.

Enhanced Character Interaction

You can also interact with every character in RDR 2; your conversation's direction can change depending on the dialogs you choose. These conversations also affect the nature of your relationship with AI, making it feel more realistic than the generic dialogs we are used to hearing in past games. You also had the option to greet people differently.

GTA 6 Enchance character interaction

This would definitely work great for GTA VI as player-AI interaction is one of the most popular aspects of the franchise. Can you imagine the possibilities and the sheer number of unique interactions if Rockstar games implemented this into GTA?

GTA 6: Hyper Realism

One of the most amazing things about the GTA franchise is the level of realism they provide for us players. With RDR 2 they took realism to the next level by really honing in on the realism factor. They focused on the tiniest details, such as footprints staying on the ground rather than disappearing instantly, hair and beards growing over time and many more.

GTA 6 rumors

The progression of time is something that most open-world games strive to achieve, but it’s a delicate balance. If you make it way too real where an hour in the game is close to an actual hour, then people will get bored. If the progression of time is too fast, then you lose out on immersion.

GTA6 Release Date

An actual living, breathing world that dynamically changes based on the interactions and actions of the people living in it is one of the premier goals of any big gaming company. There’s a real good possibility that we might get the closest version of that in GTA VI.

We will be constantly updating this article as new rumors, leaks, and more information breaks. Keep track of us to get the latest updates on GTA VI.